Challenges for growth of Learning Management Systems in India

Learning management systems are now prevalent today due to the need of the majority, created for the main purpose of documenting, administering, reporting, tracking, and delivering e-learning lessons, trainings and educational courses. Learning management system is quite broad when it comes to how it works. It ranges from educational purposes and training courses to creating software solutions to delivering it online. When you think about it, there are certainly a lot of reasons why people are using LMS now. Its main users are probably anyone who is working and studying in the universities or the users from companies who use eLearning solutions during their trainings.  Today, many have agreed that this type of system is truly helpful in any way possible. Although some may say that it has no drawbacks, it certainly has certain loopholes which can be considered. People are moving towards online trainings and educational course which can be directly related with the number of eLearning companies up and running in last 10 years. Market for online certification and courses, technical or soft skills is growing and they are certainly related to learning management systems in one way or the other.

A good LMS truly enhances the learning experience for its users, but they also have certain disadvantages and they pose a huge challenge in growth of learning management systems.

Though LMS has quite grown into something that is known and reliable, critics pointed some of its disadvantages. India, in particular, had critics mentioning that although e-learning applications are a great source for learning and convenience, they also made it clear that not all online matters are what should be followed because some aspects during the course of training or learning are much better held in an actual classroom than doing the whole thing virtually. Some Indians just can’t deny that a portion of the crowd prefers the traditional learning approaches. Sometimes, it is so much better for a person to do the actual thing than to do trainings online because of the motivation level of a person. Also, doing things in the actual setting makes it even clearer and has definitely some stable proof when talking about physical skills. Other thing Indian students consider is the possibility that they may feel rather isolated and lonely during the course of the learning process because it is likely that they are alone when taking it, they also can’t ask questions if they have one. Also, internet connection and compatibility issues are a problem, some e-learning applications might not work in every personal computer or mobile device. Lastly, although some Indians are highly adept in using a computer/smartphones, a large part of population isn’t, thus, expected impact of learning might not be seen. These are just some of its negative views that can clearly affect the growth of eLearning.

Luckily, the positive aspects are much greater than the negative ones and obviously any Indian user is becoming more flexible with the situation as long as quality learning is delivered. The vision of Digital India will certainly help in growth of eLearning and LMS. And despite all the challenges discussed, LMS has still managed to sustain its popularity and a number of people with different learning needs still flock to this online learning resort for a reliable source of training and skill development that brings forth optimum convenience for the entire majority.

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