Become a Teacher


Anyone who is having a good working knowledge of any particular domain and is passionate about teaching can apply.Courses will be made on a revenue-sharing model.You will be provided with a platform to showcase your practical knowledge and skills.

First thing first! You need to fill this form. If you are shortlisted and finally selected, you will get an oppurtunity to work with us.

What does a typical Brainpulley course look like?
A. Brainpulley course has 1-3 hours of content, with a minimum requirement of at least 30 mins of content.

Are there any costs associated with creating a course on Brainpulley?
A. Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees.

However, There will be a revenue shring model between Instructor and Brainpulley Solutions.

How long are students able to access my course?
A. Once your course is purchased, the student has access to all course materials indefinitely.

Are there any standards or requirements I should know about while creating my course?
Yes. Brainpulley reviews all courses published on to make sure they meet our standards for quality.
There are 3 important standards to keep in mind:

  • Courses should contain at least 30 minutes of content.
  • Courses should be well structured to deliver on learning objectives.
  • Audio should be clear and intelligible; Video should be clear, well-lit, and high-definition.

What type of equipment (camera, microphone, software) do I need to create an online course?
There are many, very low-cost ways to create your online course, and many tools to help you shoot video, edit video, create great sound, set up lighting, and more.


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