Why Choose PRINCE2 over PMP Certification

Over the years education and learning has evolved to cater to the different needs and requirements of the fast paced world. Administrative, infrastructure costs and competition are the main factors why schools at all levels increase prices and fees. Online training and learning facilities are now being recognized by both private and government enterprises enormously across the globe because of its extensive benefits. Apart from the fact that it saves a lot of money all the way, it also increases learning flexibility. Through the help of the World Wide Web, online presentations and webinars can now get the attention of many students or any interested participants anywhere in the globe. Prince2 is one of the best online learning platforms that provide non-proprietorial and best practices leadership specifically in the field of Project Management.

Through Prince2 Certification Courses, it aims to impart learning about planning approaches, defining organizational structure of a well-equipped project management team and learning to apply flexibility in any levels of the project appropriate to its success. If you want the members of your organization to be trained and be certified in the field of project management while skipping the hassle and high cost of sending them to a graduate school, Prince2 is definitely the right solution for you. With the Online Prince2 foundation courses, it provides a full tutor support with twelve-month online access to libraries and resources that are in-depth and consistent.

Here are some of the benefits of Prince2 that anyone should take advantage over Project Management Professional (PMP):

The Scheme and the Platform are Convenient and Hassle Free

Prince2 can be taken anywhere in the world whether online, at an exam center or any other place depending on the arrangement set with your training organization. This is unlike PMP wherein certification should be taken at specific Prometric exam centers only. Prince2 offers easy-to-download materials and sample case studies, live or recorded seminars while ensuring their participants with secure access to the learning event and learn according to their own pace. Online Prince2 foundation courses are also facilitated this way and it contains everything the company or the participants need to gain the Foundation Level certification.

Direct, Economical and No Pre-requisites

Prince2 Certification Courses or Prince2 in general may require a formal training in the Project Management field, but does not really require any. Interested and potential participants can undergo an online or classroom training and take the certification exams. PMP on the other hand, is burdened with prerequisites such as a three-year experience at least in the field, minimum of 4,500 hours experience leading and directing projects or need to complete 35 hours of formal education in the field that may disqualify interested participants.

Excellent Return on Investment in the Long Run

Most organizations or even individuals save at least ninety percent from the total time and cost expected for them to spend to host or send off participants in the traditional facilities to get such training. Prince2 Certification Courses and Prince2 Foundation Courses return pass rates are higher than the national average. Exam cost is significantly lower by around 40% compared to PMP. Also, with Prince2, normally certificates do not expire (Foundation doesn’t expire!!, practitioner renewed every 3-5 years), with PMP, certificate needs to be renewed every 3 years.

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